On Location Dentist In Southhampton

Want to brighten your smile before your date night? Is your child having a toothache? But due to COVID-19 prevailing all around, visiting a dentist is not an option. So, how can you get dental care while also following the safety protocols of COVID-19?

You don’t have to go to a New York City dentist for your dental cleaning. ADR Dental offers concierge dental housecalls in South Hampton; a dental service option that can help you stay safe from this ongoing pandemic.

Best House Call Dentists In NYC

ADR Dental is providing concierge dental medicine in NYC and the Hamptons to provide the best quality dental care to all our patients. We understand that a good smile can give your personality a lasting impression, and so we try to provide unsurpassed dental care at the convenience of your home.

Review Of Our COVID Safe On-Location Dentistry Service

Oral health is as important as your general body fitness. We not only take care of your teeth and make you smile again but also educate you about oral hygiene. Here is how we help you take care of your teeth in the safe and clean environment of your home.

1) House Call Dentistry For Children:

The prospect of visiting a dentist often leaves children scared. But we can help you overcome your child's fear of the dentist and give them the necessary dental health care in a comfortable home environment that will help them stay at ease. Our house call dentistry for children lends a wide range of services including in-home exams, cleaning, and fluoride treatment.

2) Teeth Whitening Services:

Our mobile dental services includes teeth whitening treatments at the comfort of your home. With our services, you can get your teeth polished, whitened and have a fluoride treatment to give your teeth a brighter glow. Our house call dentistry services are available for all including children, teens, and adults.

3) We Offer Teledentistry Service:

To ensure that we are maintaining the right distance in this fight with COVID, we are also offering Teledentistry.

With the help of Teledentistry, we provide real-time dental health through video conferencing, audio communication, and text messages. Using the power of electronic gadgets and technology, we give you another avenue to seek dental care.

Our Teledentistry service is the most suited to this current pandemic. Now, you can give your teeth the perfect dental care even if you are  at home.

4) Round The Clock Dental Care:

ADR Dental is at your service anytime you need us. Whether you want a dentist to visit you at home or through an online appointment, we offer round-the-clock dental service to our clients. Our top pediatric dental specialists are at your service 7 days a week.

We offer in-house dental care, but if you need dental treatment at an ultra-modern facility, we have just the ideal place for you. Our offices are equipped with cutting-edge technology, and we use all the latest techniques for providing optimum dental care.

Learn more about our concierge dental house calls at https://www.adrdentalnyc.com/house-calls