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About Us

Welcome to ADR Dental, nestled right in the vibrant heart of Greenwich Village, New York, and our unique ADR Dental House calls service across New York! We specialize in offering top-notch dental care for infants, teens, and young adults, including those with special oral health needs. Our team is all about warmth, kindness, and giving every patient the personalized attention they deserve. You can expect wait times to be kept to a minimum because we focus on one family at a time!  We take pride in our ability to make our patients feel like friends and family, and we truly love what we do! ​


ADR Dental in NYC is committed to being a cornerstone in your child's dental health journey. Our guiding principle is the understanding that oral health is a critical component of your child’s overall well-being. With specialized training in pediatric dentistry, our team is exceptionally equipped to cater to the unique needs of every family with a nurturing, gentle, and supportive environment.

We prioritize preventative care, education, and employ a minimally invasive strategy to support the natural development of your child’s smile into adulthood. By incorporating advanced, evidence-based dental technologies, we aim to elevate the dental care experience, ensuring that every family entrusted to our care achieves optimal oral health care. This comprehensive approach aims to educate patients, improve overall health, deliver exceptional care and create beautiful smiles! ​

Understanding the importance of individual attention, our office is committed to providing personalized care that extends beyond our office to the convenience of your home. This approach ensures that every child receives the tailored support and guidance needed to foster a healthy dental routine from an early age.

We are thrilled to play an integral role in your child’s path to lasting dental wellness, offering both the comfort of our state-of-the-art facility and the convenience of home-based guidance to ensure a comprehensive dental care experience.

The Office

ADR Dental utilizes a wide variety of state- of -the -art industry- leading dental equipment, such as the latest digital X-ray technology, advanced sterilization equipment, biomimetic materials and BPA free materials. Environmentally friendly features include paperless forms and no contact billing.

Get To Know Us

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