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Concierge Dental House Calls

Experience the ease of concierge dental house calls in Manhattan and the Hamptons in the comfort and convenience of your home! 

Are your young ones nervous in new environments? In many dental practices, it's common to see children feeling anxious during their appointments, particularly if it is their first visit. The unfamiliar surroundings of a dental office can make it challenging for kids to feel at ease. Introducing young children to dentistry and oral healthcare in their familiar home environment helps ease the transition to the dental office and allows for early detection of caries.


Pediatric dental house calls include a thorough in-home exam, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. Parental tips, advice, and information on best oral health practices are discussed and questions answered. An individualized oral health and treatment plan for your child sets the beginning stages of optimal oral health for your little one. We aim to deliver exceptional, personalized, and patient-focused dental care right in your home. This approach not only offers a comforting experience for your child but also adds unparalleled convenience for the entire family.

Some dental procedures cannot be completed in your home due to health and safety concerns or the complexity of the treatment. In situations like this, we recommend an appointment in our office in Greenwich Village, NYC.

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