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Concierge House Calls

Experience the ease of concierge dental housecalls in Manhattan and the Hamptons in the comfort and convenience of your home! Need a dental polishing or whitening between your routine dental exams? Does your smile need a little TLC? Date night polish? Brighten and refreshen before an interview? No worries, schedule a dental housecall appointment!

Are your young ones nervous in new environments? Introducing young children to dentistry and oral healthcare in their familiar home environment helps ease the transition to the dental office and allows for early detection of caries. Pediatric dental housecalls include a thorough in-home exam, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. Parental tips, advice, and information on best oral health practices are discussed and questions answered. An individualized oral health and treatment plan for your child sets the beginning stages of optimal oral health for your little one.

If your child needs further treatment, they will be scheduled for treatment at the office. 

Express Polish

The Express Polish is a 30 minute dental polish and floss. Perfect for in between your six month checkup. 

Express Whitening

The Express whitening is a 30-minute lite whitening for a brighter a smile. Perfect for a touch up for young teens or older.

Polish & Whitening

Combination of Express Polish & Express Whitening. Great for keeping your smile healthy and bright in between your full dental exam and x-rays.

Additional Services

  • Fluoride treatment

  • Limited Exam

  • 1 hour Whitening with take home trays for older teens/adults

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