Mobile Dental Service Sagaponack

ADR dental is the top-of-the-line dental clinic located in Greenwich New York. We have expert dentists with years and years of experience in the field. Our two founders are top pediatric dental specialists, Dr. Sabiya and Dr. Ron, combining their experience and professionalism with the latest innovative skills and the finest technology, we are the leading New York dentist. One unique feature that we offer through our clinical services is the service for House call dentistry for children in NYC.

We are the introducers of Concierge dental medicine in NYC for children and our service has been very well-received by Newyorkers especially during the pandemic as it reduces the risk of coronavirus spread age by visiting the clinic. If you are interested in Mobile pediatric dentists in NYC but are not sure what to expect, this article is for you.

What to expect from our Mobile Dental Service Sagaponack?

We can undoubtedly assure you that house call pediatric dental service is the best for your kids, in terms of comfort, safety, and ease. Under our service, we provide multiple services which are often required by children. It is especially very beneficial for children who are not comfortable in new places, so using our mobile dental service we can provide your child with the required dental attention within the comfort of their homes. It also saves waiting are time, travel time, the time you spend on getting ready and packing essentials, making it very beneficial for working parents.

Our concierge dental services are going to be the ultimate best dental experience for you as we provide all the right services in the best way. We are super fast and always ready for service, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with us and we will be there at the right time. The dentists that are sent for house calls are very experienced, professional, and are well trained in customer service, ensuring a pleasurable and good experience for you.

Under our housecalls, we provide services such as a thorough exam of the dental cavity of your child, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. Our express polish service is a quick 30-minute service under which we will floss and polish your child's teeth and provide the best results using the latest technology and the best products. We also provide mobile express whitening services for urgent events or activities, which brighten teeth within 30 minutes and give your kids the perfect smile makeover for their engagements. A combination of the two can also be availed and will go the extra layer to protect and brighten your cheery smile. We also provide treatment plans for your children and a bunch of tips and planners for parents to rightly look after their children’s dental care.

Mobile dental services are a hassle-free, quick, and very comfortable process to get your kid treated with the right medical attention without having to travel the extra mile or having to face your child’s tantrums for going to a clinic. It is also highly safe and fast as everything happens at your place, and in a setting that you and the child are comfortable in.

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