Mobile Dental Service In Sagaponack

ADR Dental is a top-of-the-line dental office located in Greenwich Village, New York. We have expert dentists with years of experience in the dental field. Top pediatric dental specialists, Dr. Sabiya and Dr. Ron, utilize their experience and professionalism with the latest innovative skills and the finest technology. One unique feature we offer our patients is the option to schedule a dental housecalls for in NYC and the Hamptons.

Our concierge dental services have been well appreciated by NY families, especially during the pandemic as it reduces the risk of Covid-19 exposure.  If you are interested in our concierge dental housecall services but are not sure what to expect, this article is for you.

What to expect from our Mobile Dental Service Sagaponack?

We believe that a dental housecall is an amazing option for your child, in terms of comfort, safety, and ease. It is especially beneficial for children who are not comfortable in new places. Utilizing our housecall dental service, we provide your child with the required dental attention within the comfort of their home utilizing the highest standards of practice and sterilization. 

It also saves travel time and the time you spend getting ready and packing essentials, making it very beneficial for working parents.

ADR Dental housecalls provides services including a through dental exam, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. We provide treatment plans for your children and advice for parents to properly care for their children’s dental needs.

We also provide dental whitening services to brighten and whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home.

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