Choose ADR Dental for at-home teeth whitening in Sagaponack. If you don’t have time to run to the dentist before a special event or date night, our staff can come to your home and provide a professional whitening treatment and/or polishing to ensure a bright and healthy smile. Review our website for more information on our concierge dental services and how they can enhance your dental care routine- or simply call us to schedule your first at-home Sagaponack whitening session.

Q: Can a child have their teeth whitened?

A: It’s safe to have your child’s teeth professionally whitened under the care and supervision of a dental expert. If you have additional questions about pediatric teeth whitening, contact ADR Dental by calling 917-796-3433.

Q: How often should I whiten my teeth?

A: Most patients benefit the most from whitening sessions twice a year, yet for some, every 3-4 months is too long to wait for a whitening treatment. If you need to whiten more often, speak with our staff at ADR Dental and we’ll create a customized treatment plan that will ensure a bright smile. 

Q: What type of concierge services are available from ADR Dental?

A: We keeps smiles bright and healthy between office visits with a number of convenient at-home services:

  • Polish & Whitening, two of our most popular concierge services in a single at-home visit

  • Express Polish- a 30-minute dental polish & floss

  • Express Whitening- a 30-minute whitening session

  • Dental house calls for children & teens: fluoride treatments, limited exams, and 1-hour whitening with take-home trays (for older teens & adults)


Q: I have additional questions about dental house calls; where do I direct my inquiries?

A: Feel free to call ADR Dental at 917-796-3433 or get connected with our staff through the ADR Dental website.


Q: Does ADR Dental provide in-office dental care, as well?

A: Absolutely! We provide a number of services that vary from checkups and cleanings to white fillings, tooth sealants, extractions, custom-fit sports guards, and much more. Click the ‘Services’ link on our homepage to see a full list of in-office and at-home treatment options and services we provide.


Q: How soon can your staff schedule a visit for at-home teeth whitening in Sagaponack?

A: Depending on our schedule, we could provide whitening service as soon as within the next few days when you contact us regarding mobile dentistry.