Pediatric Dental Specialist NYC

At ADR Dental, we are passionately dedicated to providing unparalleled & top of the line dental care to infants, teens & young adults while having a specialized focused on differently-abled individuals. Our leading Pediatric Dental Specialists provide the highest quality services in the center of Greenwich Village, New York City. We have premier command on concierge dental medicine giving us an edge over other New York dentist services.

What We Believe In?

We believe that the foundation of living the finest & vibrant life is good health. That’s why our purpose is grounded in enhancing patients’ long-term oral health. This inspires us to provide treatment that is safe, affordable, and effective using breakthroughs and innovation in dentistry. We make it very convenient for you to make an appointment, make your visit as pleasant and efficient as possible. Dr. Sabiya and Dr. Ron's experience, gentle touch, and comprehensive approach have helped put patients at ease for years while crafting their beautiful smiles. We aim to set forth an exceptional dental experience on each visit and lay the foundational stone for superior long-term oral health at your home or our office.

Three long-established core values guide all that we do at ADR Dental.

  1. Philosophy: Our approach is focused on improving health by educating patients and delivering exceptional care.

  2. Passion: We are passionate about providing premier and personalized house call dentistry for children & adults.

  3. Convenience: We offer treatment at your home or our office.

We Offer All Major Dental Services:

We service NYC with a wide range of dental services specific to our patient's needs by an expert team of dentists.

Here are a few services on which our patients love us and think of us as the top dentist's service in NYC.

In-Office Services:

  1. Oral Evaluation: We will check your teeth, soft tissues, and bite to determine any changes in dental and health status, as per the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)’s recommendation.

  2. Express Polish: The Express Polish is a 30-minute dental polish and floss. Perfect for in-between your six-month check-ups.

  3. Express Whitening: This is a 30-minutes procedure for a brighter smile. A perfect touch-up for young teens and above.

  4. Sports Guards: Custom-fit sports guards secure superior protection, comfort & retention compared to boil and bite mouth guards.

  5. SDF Silver Diamine Fluoride: "SDF" or silver diamine fluoride is a non-invasive interim solution, ideal to the traditional approach of removing decay and restoring it with a filling material.

  6. Extractions: Pediatric tooth extractions are normally simple and behavior management is essential. Having a pediatric dentist in charge of the procedure gives many parents peace of mind.

  7. Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous oxide is an extremely reliable and mild sedative used to help patients relax and ease anxiety during their dental treatment. Whereas not all patients require nitrous oxide.

  8. Space Maintainers: Space maintainers hold the space created by the premature loss of a primary tooth. Premature loss of teeth in children leads to space loss & affects arch integrity.

  9. Baby Root Canals: A baby tooth root canal can help save the tooth and give it time to fall out when it is ready. If a baby tooth comes out early, your child can develop bite or speech problems.

Concierge House Calls:

Experience the ease of mobile pediatric dentists in NYC, we offer house call dentistry solutions such as exams, polishing or whitenings between your routine dental exams? Does your smile need a little polishing before date night? Or do you need to get brightened and freshened before an interview? No worries, we provide house calls with dentists in NYC.

Special Needs Dentistry

For patients with special needs having any special conditions such as autism, down syndrome, spinal cord injuries, and countless other conditions or injuries which can make treating standard dental procedures more complex, we are always available to discuss your options.

Learn about our concierge dental house calls: