In Home Dentistry East Hampton

Pediatric In-home dentistry is a relatively new concept in New York dentistry that we are proud introducers of. A service like this for children is a necessity in times where both parents have to work long hours to support the family so taking a dentists appointment and having to spend a good ¾ hours for the whole visit seems like an unnecessary hassle, due to this many parents ignore getting their child the required dental attention. It is also a vital necessity during the time of this Covid-19 pandemic, as visiting clinics and traveling puts you and your child at risk of catching the virus. The perfect solution for all these troubles is the In Home Dentistry East Hampton services offered by us at the ADR dental clinic.

Our House call dentistry for children is one of the most popular modes of services availed by our customers, and all the families that we have visited as Mobile pediatric dentists in NYC have been super satisfied by the experience, regretting only one thing; not availing of this service earlier.

Here’s a quick guide on how our service works:

Under our service, all you have to do is fix an appointment with us by visiting our website or giving us a call. Then at the pre-decided time and location, we'll send our expert dentists that will very professionally examine your child's dental cavity and provide you with a personalized plan for the dental care, tips, and advice, carry out fluoride treatment of the child(ren), and cleaning services. We can also provide express polish and express brightening services under our mobile dental services, which will brighten and strengthen your smile in just 30 mins from the comfort of your home.

All the reasons why you’ll love our Concierge dental medicine in NYC:

1) Reliable:

Once an appointment has been booked, we make sure that it is completed on time and through the best quality treatment is provided to your family in the environment that you are most comfortable in.

2) Time-saving:

Whether it is time spent in getting ready, traveling, or waiting in the clinic for your turn, all this is saved by our mobile dental services where we visit you at your desired location with all the required tools and equipment at the pre-decided time.

3) Cheap prices:

This service where you can get your dental treatments done from your home lounge sure does sound like a luxury, but it isn’t a luxury that will cost you an arm and a half since our service charges are very reasonable, making our services a steal.

4) Safe:

Our services are 100% safe and we use the most hygienic products that are all sanitized before use, and our team of dentists takes every precautionary measure to make sure that the health safety of the patient is not compromised.

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