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Pediatric Dental Specialists Greenwich Village NYC

We know that dental visits can sometimes be a bit scary for kids, so we're all about making them feel loved and supported, both for the little ones and their parents. Our goal is to make every check-up and treatment as smooth as butter, catching any sneaky cavities or dental issues early on. This way, we can keep big treatments at bay and lay down the bricks for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

Walking into our dental office is like stepping into a world of fun designed just for kids! From the moment you enter, you’ll notice how we turn dental visits into a blast – with cartoons playing above in the treatment rooms and a treasure trove of toys for kids to pick from on their way out. Our team is passionate about making dental care a joyful journey for every child. Here, both kids and parents will find a comforting, friendly vibe that makes you feel right at home.

At ADR Dental, we’re all about the whole package – teaching our young patients about oral health, boosting their overall wellbeing, providing top-notch care, and lighting up their faces with beautiful smiles. Every visit is a chance for us to share an amazing dental adventure, laying the foundation for strong, healthy teeth for years to come. We’re decked out with the coolest, latest dental tech – think cutting-edge digital X-rays, super-clean sterilization equipment, and BPA-free materials. Plus, we love our planet as much as we love teeth, so we use paperless forms and hassle-free, contactless billing.

We really want your kids to feel super relaxed and actually look forward to their dental visits. They get to pick their favorite flavor of cleaning paste and can chat with us about anything – their teeth, their favorite superhero – you name it! We're here to cheer them on with their brushing and flossing, and maybe even teach them a new trick or two. If there’s anything special we should know to make their visit extra special, just tell us! Our team is all about making sure every child leaves our office with a big, bright smile.

Should your child need a little more than just a routine cleaning, don’t you worry. We're here to walk you through everything and make sure your little one is comfortable and safe from start to finish.

With more than thirty years of experience between them, our pediatric dental specialists bring their A-game to caring for babies, big kids, and teens – and that includes kids who need a bit of extra attention for their dental health.

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