Are you asking around for a pediatric dentist in East Hampton? We are professional dentists in East Hampton dentists providing quality dental care to children who cannot make it to our facilities. Our dentists are professional, friendly, and get along with kids of any age.

Whether you are busy, in a hurry, or want a professional to handle your child’s dental needs discreetly, we are glad to help. We are an established pediatric dental clinic with years of experience providing house call dentistry in East Hampton.


Special Needs Pediatric Dentistry

Not all children have the physical or mental ability to make it to the dentist. This is one of the markets that we offer service to. Dental housecalls in New York for kids who have cognitive or physical disabilities is rewarding and important work. Also, we are available for children who suffer from phobias that may include the fear of hospital-like environments and doctor offices.

Our dentists also make pediatric housecalls for children who need complex medical attention. Before the procedure, we countercheck to ensure that the medication we use will not interfere with your child's current medication. In addition, we partner with other physicians and special needs caregivers to determine the ideal treatment plan for your child. 

VIP Pediatric Services

Are you a prominent person in society? We respect your societal status and busy schedule hence why we opt to visit you at your home. We provide VIP dental care to children of dignitaries, celebrities, and politicians. Our certified pediatric dentists will make it to your private residence, hotel, or embassy.

Our mobile procedures feature the latest in dental equipment to ensure we provide quality dental care. Before we dispatch our medical team, we double check to ensure they have everything in order and that everything is sterile. Our mobile are well-equipped to provide general dental care such as;

  • Tooth extraction

  • Tartar removal

  • Cavity filling

  • Tooth restoration

  • Dental sealants

  • Dental crown and veneer installation

  • Teeth polishing

  • Denture installation


We may recommend visiting the nearest facility for complex procedures like oral implants or maxillofacial surgery. Hospitals are adequately equipped and sterilized for performing such demanding dental surgeries.

How it works

When you book an appointment, our trained dentist will make the first house visit. First, the dentist meets the parents and does a general oral checkup on the child.

We provide same-day dental care for minor procedures like teeth removal or denture installation. Also, our dentist will sit down with the family to plan on the best hours for routine dental procedures. We remain discreet and ensure our visits align with your child's daily routine.


Professional services

Our dentists are friendly and conduct themselves professionally during the visit. We respect our clients by ensuring we are punctual and adhere to their requirements while in their vicinity. We are one of the best house call dentists in East Hampton because we treat our clients like family.

Call us for dentists that make house calls in NYC. Our certified pediatric dentists are funny, friendly, and very punctual. Also, we provide short-notice dental services to VIP clients with strict schedules.

Please contact ADR Dental today at 917-796-3433 to book an appointment.