Dental Cleanings Bridgehampton

Regular dental cleanings are essential for your optimal oral health. Unfortunately, many people are not excited about visiting the dentist regularly, so they avoid going and believe everything is fine. Oral health is not something to ignore.

Poor oral health can lead to serious medical issues like strokes, cancers, bone loss, and cardiovascular disease. That is why it is vital to floss and brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing and flossing your teeth will be most effective when you visit your dentist regularly. 

If you haven't visited your dentist in recent years, now is the time to call Dr. Sabiya & Dr. Ron at ADR Dental to book an appointment for a dental cleaning in Bridgehampton.

Why You Should Make Your Appointment

Oral diseases affect people for a lifetime. Instead of developing oral disease, it's best to schedule a dental cleaning.

Remove irritating tartar

Are you having a build-up of a dark and calcified substance along your gum line? If yes, you should know that you can't remove this substance with a toothbrush or floss. This build-up is known as tartar, and only a professional can remove it. During your routine cleaning, the dentist will use a scaler tool to remove tartar from the surface of your teeth. 

Improve your overall health

You need to look out for your oral health if you want to keep your overall health. For example, gum disease can lead to several serious health issues like respiratory illness, heart disease, and stroke if left untreated. Thankfully, you can prevent these harmful illnesses by scheduling dental cleanings with your dentist. 

Prevent gum disease

When bacteria and plaque build up in your gum line, it can lead to infection of the gums known as gingivitis. Fortunately, regular dental cleanings can help prevent oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. 

Prevent tooth decay

Another oral health issue that dental cleanings can prevent is tooth decay. Your dentist will complete a professional dental cleaning to remove food particles and plaque that could cause decay between your gums and teeth. You can avoid the costly and painful consequences of untreated tooth decay when you visit the dentist. 

Enhance the appearance of your smile

When you schedule professional dental cleanings, your dentist will use a high-powered electrical toothbrush, gritty toothpaste, and polish to remove any stains from the surface of your teeth and provide deep cleaning. Your smile will look great after the appointment.

How Often Should I See My Dentist?

Experts agree that you should see your dentist for a checkup and cleaning at least twice per year to ensure your gums are healthy and your teeth are cavity-free.

Ready to Make Your Appointment? Contact ADR Dental

At ADR Dental, we offer thorough dental cleanings in Bridgehampton to ensure that you have optimal oral health. We'll help you treat maintain tooth health, and brighten and whiten your smile. Contact our office today to schedule a dental cleaning or whitening in Bridgehampton.