Dental Cleanings Bridgehampton

Schedule at-home dental cleanings in Bridgehampton by calling ADR Dental at 917-796-3433. Our concierge dentistry services include 3-minute tooth polishing and whitening services, to keep your smile bright between office visits. Read FAQs on our website for more information about concierge and TeleDentist calls.

Dental Housecalls Hamptons

Inquire about dental housecalls in Hamptons when you reach out to ADR Dental. We can offer a a number of limited services as a convenience to your family, including at-home examinations, tooth polishing, whitening services, fluoride treatments, and more. Schedule a dental housecall by calling 917-796-3433.

Housecall Dentist for Kids NYC

Did you know there's a housecall dentist for kids in NYC who can save you time and money when your child needs a checkup? ADR Dental's concierge dental services include polishing, whitening, fluoride treatments, and limited examinations, all in the convenience of your home. Schedule an appointment by calling 917-796-3433.

In Home Dentistry East Hampton

Not every dentist can offer in home dentistry in East Hampton; at ADR Dental, we've found that our concierge dentistry services are highly popular among families with small children in the home. Examinations and minor treatments in a familiar surrounding make dental visits less stressful and more productive.

Manhattan Concierge Dentist

When you contact ADR Dental, a Manhattan concierge dentist can come to your home and provide limited pediatric dental care services that can make dental visits more enjoyable. Read more about dental house calls on our website or call 917-796-3433; we offer our patients convenient TeleDentist services, as well!

Mobile Dental Service Sagaponack

Inquire about ADR Dental's mobile dental service in Sagaponack by calling 917-796-3433. If your child has issues about visiting a dentist, our concierge dental services can minimize stress and save your family time when you call to book an at-home polishing, whitening, or fluoride treatment; contact us for more information.

On Location Dentist Southhampton

Contact ADR Dental for convenient tooth polishing, whitening, fluoride treatments, and exams in the comfort of your home. Reach out to our on location dentist in Southhampton for concierge dentistry before a special event or social occasion. A dazzling smile takes less than an hour with our house call services.

Pediatric Dental Specialist NYC

Call ADR Dental any time your child needs to see a pediatric dental specialist in NYC. We proudly provide special needs dentistry for families with children who have Autism, Down syndrome, or any other condition requiring customized care- we even make house calls for dental exams and minor treatments.

Special Needs Dentist Greenwich Village

Families looking for a special needs dentist in Greenwich Village rely on ADR Dental for quality, customized care. We treat young patients with special needs, such as Autism, Down syndrome, spinal cord injuries, and other conditions that require a dentist who is patient and gentle. Ask about dental house calls when you contact us!

Teeth Whitening Hamptons

ADR Dental can offer concierge dental services, including at-home teeth whitening in Hamptons. Our staff can come to your home and provide a 30-minute tooth polishing or on-site whitening session that will whiten and brighten your smile before any special occasion. Browse our online FAQs or call us at 917-796-3433.

Dental Housecalls For Kids East Hamptons

ADR Dental offers a convenient dental housecall for kids in East Hampton. If your child feels anxious or apprehensive about office visits, our team can provide concierge dental services, including in-home limited exams, fluoride treatments, and cleanings; for adults, we provide housecall whitening and polishing services.

Teeth Whitening Sagaponack

For at-home teeth whitening in Sagaponack, choose ADR dental for convenience. Our concierge dental whitening and polishing services are extremely popular among our clients, and it's easy to see why. Freshen up your smile before a big date or social event without having to visit a dentist office for treatment.